that grand ol fiddlay (im_a_carrot) wrote in fuckingrad,
that grand ol fiddlay

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw

Name:: Sara</b>
Age:: 16
Location:: Virginia
Gender:: Female
Gender Preference:: Matthew
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Post pics!:: 3 1/2 years and counting! He's my Matthew obviously.

Top Ten Bands:: (no order)
- Rude Rock Family
- Nirvana
- Boss Hog
- Blind Melon (favorite at the moment, I just love Nico Blue)
- Bob Dylan
- Distillers
- Jimi Hendrix
- Edie Brickell and New Bohemians
- Presidents of the United States of America
- L7

Top Seven Movies:: (I'm not a big movie person but no order)
- White Oleander
- Almost Famous
- Edward Scissorhands
- Fight Club
- Die Mommy Die
- Silence of the Lambs trilogy
- Rick

Top Five Books (IMPORTANT)::
- Hotel World- Ali Smith
- Naked Lunch- William S. Burroughs
- The Portable Henry Rollins- Henry Rollins
- Smack- Melvin Burgess
- Running with Scissors- Augusten Burroughs

Spare Time Killers:: I like to write poetry and essay-type things, I love to paint, make jewelry, crochet hats, purses, scarves, I love photograpy, I love reading, I'm pretty much up for any thing. I'm pretty good at making people laugh.

Opinions On::
Politics: I'm around it a lot, my boyfriend's father is a Ph. D. in political science and he works on Capital Hill, but I view it with a Jon Stewart perspective, I like to find humor in situations.
Abortion: I am pro-life myself, but I think that everyone should be able to make their own choices.
Gay Marriage: If you can find someone you love, the gender shouldn't matter and you should be able to be married no matter what gender your partner is.
Religion: I think that religion is a personal choice that should be made and practiced for the right reasons and not shoved down the throats of non-believers.

Make us laugh::
My name is Sara

I have silly hair-ah

I have four cats

I like to crochet hats

My Mom and Dad are rednecks

When they talk, its like what the heck?

I like to make up stupid rhymes


A picture of something random, please::

3 pictures of you ((MUST have a clear faceshot. and easy on the photoshopping. just about anyone is beautiful if they know how to use an imaging program))::

You can tell I used no Photoshop by the honkin zit and blurry pictures.

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