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fuck me gently with a chainsaw

Name:: kathryn. katie. kd. i'm sure i'll probably answer to nearly anything you feel like calling me.
Age:: eighteen
Location:: home=springfield, va. school=harrisonburg, va (james madison university)
Gender:: female
Gender Preference:: either one works for me ;D
Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Post pics!:: not at the moment... but there's a boy i'm starting to talk to now, so you can have pictures of him!

Top Ten Bands::
-reggie and the full effect
-taking back sunday
-the shins
-phantom planet
-smashing pumpkins
-saves the day

Top Seven Movies::
-the brave little toaster
-down with love
-garden state
-finding neverland
-eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
-love actually

Top Five Books (IMPORTANT)::
-the phantom tollbooth (norton juster)
-i was a teenage fairy (francesca lia block)
-an equal music (vikram seth)
-a painted house (john grisham)
-the house of the spirits (isabel allende)

Spare Time Killers:: livejournal, reading, playing viola, singing, sleeping, cooking, latchhooking

Opinions On::
Politics: i must admit, i'm really not as politically active as i should be, but at least i voted in the last election, eh? i'm pretty moderate (my dad's a republican and my mom's a democrat) but i tend to lean a little to the left.
Abortion: it's not something i could dream of considering... but i don't know everybody else's circumstances. who am i to tell some woman that i'll never even meet that she can't have an abortion if she feels she needs one? i'm all for the right to choose, even though i don't think it's a choice i would make.
Gay Marriage: i am very much for it. why does the government care if the love of my life is a chick?
Religion: organized religion makes me incredibly uncomfortable. i don't know right now if i believe in any diety, but i know that i really have a hard time following a religion. it just doesn't make sense to me. i know several people who feel somehow better off for having found a religion, and i can't knock them for having a reason to live.. that's just not it for me.

Make us laugh::

my bellybutton says hello. (it was funnier than any joke i could think of..)
A picture of something random, please::

PROMOTE TO 2 COMMUNITIES!! AND POST DIRECT LINKS!!:: there's one here and one here
3 pictures of you ((MUST have a clear faceshot. and easy on the photoshopping. just about anyone is beautiful if they know how to use an imaging program))::

crap quality, but i like the photo

uhm.. yeah. i need chapstick.

penguin loooooooooooooovvvvveeeeeeee

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